How to troubleshoot Ford Power Window Problems 

Having Ford F-150, Explorer, or Expedition Power Window problems?

If you are having issues with your Ford vehicle’s power windows, don’t stress. Something is not going as planned, but you don’t have to assume the worst. There are a few things that you can check on your own if you feel comfortable doing so. Your Ford uses an electric motor to run the windows when they are powered and not manual. As time goes on, the motors running these windows can burn out from regular use. Their fuses can blow out, or other electrical problems may occur. Let’s take a look at some standard troubleshooting techniques when it comes to your Ford power windows.


1. Check Your Fuses

You can check all of the fuses that are connected to your power window motors. You want to look for anything that is burned out as since Ford usually uses transparent fuses, you can view everything in daylight or with a flashlight. Ford even provides many vehicle owners with a fuse puller that you would be able to find the inside fuse cover. The clips included can be used to grab on to your fuse. Fuses that look damaged can be replaced.

2. Relation To Other Windows

You want to assess the situation overall and check to see if all of the power windows are malfunctioning or if it is just one. If only one window is a problem, then this could indicate that there is a problem with a switch inside or an electric motor. You can replace the switch by opening up the door panel, or you can have this job done professionally.

3. Checking The Window For Physical Issues

There might not be an issue with your window motor. The problem could be that the window has slipped off of the track and when you press the up or down button, nothing is catching, and the window can’t be moved. You can repair this problem by removing the door panel and then removing the window motor. The regulator would need to be replaced if there is no other sign of issues relating to the hinges or internal components.

4. Ignition Issues

If you find that your window works when the ignition is engaged but the motor is not running, and then the window doesn’t work when the motor is on, this could be an indication that something is going on with your ignition that is not allowing your window to properly open or close. Some other issues could be going on like windows opening or closing on their own, windows sometimes working and sometimes not, etc., which would indicate a problem with your computer.

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