New Year's Resolutions That'll Reduce Your Stress When Driving

We won’t bog you down with obvious must-dos, like wearing your seatbelt and so forth. Rather, we’d like to share some recommendations on tips you can implement this year that’ll help reduce your anxiety level on the road.

The fact is statistics show that when people drive aggressively, others respond with similarly aggressive driving behavior. So finding ways to de-escalate situations is essential. Here are some New Year’s resolutions that’ll help you do just that.

Resist the Urge to Use Your Horn
Especially resist honking at length. This is a trigger that can cause immense anger for other drivers, especially the person being honked at. You never know who you’re encountering on the road or what their response will be. To ensure your safety, do your best to practice patience when you’re angry and keep that hand away from the horn as much as possible.

Wave More Often
If you mistakenly merge in front of a car going at a speed much slower than them, give a friendly wave to say I’m sorry. In this and any situation where you realize you’ve done something that might anger another driver, waving can help defuse tension.

Don’t Use Double Standards
So it’s okay when you’re forced to cut someone off in order to make an exit, but you find it infuriating when another driver does the same to you? We’re all guilty of thinking this way, but if you want to reduce anxiety on the road, it’s best to change your mindset. Give others the benefit of the doubt and remember that we all make mistakes sometimes.

Don’t Run Behind
Running late to work or meetings can cause more aggressive driving behavior, as well as a feeling of anger if one perceives that other cars are in the way. Make the effort to run on time and you won’t have to deal with the stress of feeling like you’re in a rush.

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