See These Amazing Further with Ford Concepts

The annual Further with Ford summit is always a unique experience for guests and this year’s was extra special due to the unveiling of some extraordinary new concepts from the Ford team. These imaginative and intelligent concepts are sure to capture your interest, just like they did ours. Check them out in the enclosed videos.


By collecting moisture produced from the air conditioning system and filtering it, Ford’s On-the-Go H20 concept could allow drivers and their passengers to grab a cool cup of water on the go. The product’s potential to have a positive impact in countries with scarce clean water sources is also admirable.


Ford takes the functionality of hoverboards to a whole new level with the Carr-E concept. For folks who travel to the inner city, it would certainly be a great solution. The concept could potentially eliminate the hassle of trying to find parking in city centers and it offers a very fun way to get around or carry your bags.


Among the concepts presented at Further with Ford, this is one that we could certainly see as being vital to the market. For anyone who loves to travel the world, it would provide a translator when taking taxis and help passengers in backseats more easily access vehicle controls like temperature settings.

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