Signs That Your Car's Starter Should Be Replaced

The starter serves a very important function. It’s what ignites the engine and makes your car go. When the starter’s malfunctioning, it could mean a long walk home or a call to Uber.

Before this happens, there are a couple of warning signs you should keep an eye out for which may indicate that your starter needs attention. Have the part fixed or replaced before it completely goes out and you’ll save yourself that walk home. Or else, if your car won’t start, there are signs you can look and listen for that could point to issues with the starter. Here’s what you need to know:

Engine Turns Over Very Slowly
Listening to how fast the engine turns over is one of the simplest ways to tell if a starter is going bad. Is it not as fast as it used to be? Can you hear it turning very slowly before the car starts? This could indicate that the starter is going out.

Grinding, but Not to a Halt
If you hear grinding when you turn on your car, that’s never a good sign. Among other things, it could mean that the starter is wearing out. Though your car may still turn on, if you hear this noise, bring your vehicle to our repair shop right away.

Freewheeling (Time to Call Uber)
When you turn your car key to on and the engine doesn’t turn over, plus the car makes a whining sound, it’s very likely that the starter isn’t engaging with the flywheel. When this happens it’s called freewheeling.

Engine Won’t Turn Over, Car Lights On
In the case that your car engine won’t turn over - maybe you just hear a click, but the car won’t actually turn on - the starter could be to blame; especially if your car’s lights are working properly.

Don’t Ignore Smoke Signals
If you see smoke when you start the car, there could be a short or connection issue with the starter. However, whether it’s the starter causing the issue or not, DO NOT drive your vehicle if you see smoke. This is highly dangerous and there could be a possibility of the car catching fire.

You should also know that a couple of the warning signs above are also common when a battery is dead or dying. To have the issue properly diagnosed, bring your vehicle to Mall of Georgia Ford’s service center in the Atlanta, GA area.

Starter issues are not costly, but should be taken care of by trained professionals to ensure that any repairs or replacements are performed right. If you want to put your car in good hands, Mall of Georgia Ford is the place to go!

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