How Often do you Add Power Steering Fluid?

Knowing When To Change Your Power Steering Fluid

The power steering system is one of the most important systems in your Ford vehicle. After all, without enough power steering fluid, you're not going to be able to turn your wheel effectively, leaving you with a true safety crisis and of course major inconvenience even if it's just minor difficulty turning your wheel.

Many major and minor annoyances occur when your power steering fluid reaches low levels. And even if you have high enough levels to ensure undeterred performance, the fact is that allowing your vehicle to run low on power steering fluid can take miles off its life. Anyone who is interested in getting the most mileage from their vehicle can check the power steering fluid reservoir about once a month to see if it's low or not. This doesn't mean your fluid needs to be flushed and replaced once a month, though!

How Often Should You Add More Power Steering Fluid?

Knowing When To Change Your Power Steering Fluid

A good number of mechanics give a range for how often to replace power steering fluid. Depending on the model of Ford you drive, you may need to replace power steering fluid more or less often. A good range to go by is to replace power steering fluid every 75,000-100,000, but there are many models that can go even longer. And remember, if you don't know anything about cars in general, don't worry, you can trust the mechanics at Mall of Georgia Ford to make sure that all of your vehicle’s fluids are at the levels they should be, and if they aren't, we'll flush and replace those fluids with fresh, invigorating ones (including power steering fluid).

Most folks recommend changing power steering fluid when you start to notice the first symptoms of low fluid:

  • Loud, screeching noises when turning: If you hear noises coming from your steering system, then it's very likely that you're dealing with a potential leak of fluid and low power steering fluid.
  • Leaks under the car: If you see a leak under your Ford, then it could be power steering fluid leaking out and causing low levels. A mechanic can identify the precise fluid that's leaking and then replace the fluid and fix the cause of the leak. Power steering fluid can leak for a host of reasons, and one of our certified mechanics can quickly identify what's causing the leak.
  • Difficulty turning the wheel: If your wheel is "tight" and you have to strain to get it to turn, low power steering fluid is a very likely culprit. Nothing should ever interfere with your ability to steer your vehicle in a precise, safe way. If you start noticing this, it's time to get down to our full service center at our dealership and ask one of our many certified mechanics to find the source of the problem.

Learn More About Power Steering Fluid

Like other fluids that your Ford relies on, power steering fluid keeps your power steering system lubricated. Give us a call today to schedule an appointment at our service center. We'll check your power steering fluid and answer any questions you have.

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