Ford Driver Assist Technology

Dealing With Backseat Drivers

Driving is mostly an activity of attention. Despite being a largely "still" activity, you must be on guard at all times, attentive to the position of your vehicle and the position of pedestrians and other vehicles. One single lapse can cause a scary crash, and most drivers know this. Backseat drivers are a different beast altogether. They're those passengers in the backseat who are the eyes and ears of the vehicle. Unfortunately, they're also a voice that can often distract the driver, despite meaning well when they're shouting out. They yell to look out for that pedestrian! Or that car! Or something on the road! They've been around since automobiles were invented, and they can sometimes even cause accidents themselves if they distract the driver enough.

How Ford Co-Pilot360 Eliminates Backseat Driving

Ford Co-Pilot360 is Ford's Driver-Assist suite that serves as the driver's "co-pilot." Ford surmised that its driver-assist program might just make those annoying backseat drivers disappear forever, perhaps to play with Ford interior technology like rear-seat DVD systems. Ford's study was performed in conjunction with a sociologist. What they found is that 68% of Ford customers genuinely believe that Ford driver-assist is going to do away with backseat drivers altogether.

After all, the driver-assist program can easily inform the driver if there's a pedestrian entering the blind spot. It can let the driver know if they're driving out of their lane and need to change course. What use would a backseat driver have to let a driver know of anything now, since the driver has the best driver-assist program in the world now? Ford's customers are both hopeful that Co-Pilot360 will work this way and that backseat passengers will be content with their Ford connectivity technology. It's a bright future for Ford's customers if this reality comes to pass.

Learn More About Ford Co-Pilot360

Backseat drivers mean well. Even their most annoying behaviors are definitely done with a good heart in mind. It doesn't make them any less annoying, though. If a recent study by Ford is accurate, drivers have a lot more peaceful ride ahead of them. It will be safer for everyone in the vehicle, even if those annoying backseat drivers don't realize it. With backseat passengers safely distracted by connectivity tech and drivers safe and sound with Ford Co-Pilot360, the entire vehicle is going to be safer for everyone on the journey. For more information about backseat drivers and how Ford's driver-assist technology helps to eliminate those backseat drivers, just write or call our dealership today.