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2020 Ford Saleen Models

Saleen Automotive is a Corona, California-based automaker that produces high-performance, limited-edition variants of popular car and truck models. These specialty model variants generally have larger, more powerful engines, upgraded suspension and braking systems, and unique badging and styling elements.

Saleen holds a license to modify existing vehicle models through an agreement with the participating automaker. Currently, Saleen manufactures the Saleen S1 Supercar and two different Ford model variants, the Saleen S302, and the Saleen Sportruck. Below, the specs and features of the two Ford performance vehicles are outlined in detail.

Saleen S302

The S302 takes the current Ford Mustang design and alters it to perform like a race track and auto show model. The basic overall shape of the car's body isn't all that different from the mass-produced Mustang, but the exterior has special styling elements, the powertrain is unique, and the interior is full of Saleen badging and accents.

There are three different model trims, designated as White Label, Yellow Label, and Black Label. A DOHC V8 powers the White Label S302 rated at 475 horsepower. The Yellow Label pumps out a total of 745 horsepower and 610 lb-ft of torque, and the Black Label produces 800 horsepower and 660 lb-ft of torque. Six-speed manual transmission is standard across the lineup. All three versions boast high-performance calibration and a special high-tuned exhaust with high-performance mufflers. All but the White Label get a high-performance intercooler water pump.

Depending on the label chosen, exterior features may include heat extractor hood vents, a front air vane, vented front fenders, and integrated exhaust ports and LED lighting on the rear fascia. All versions get a high-downforce rear wing.

On the inside, the S302 comes with distinctive Saleen signature embroidered headrests, a signature shift knob, and embroidered floor mats. The S302 is available in a total of 13 exterior colors, including Plum Insane Metallic, Sour Apple Green Metallic, and Shark Skin Metallic.

Saleen Sportruck

The heavy-duty Ford F-150 gets quite a makeover at the Saleen manufacturing plant. The Regular, two-door cab is the standard model, but the buyer can choose the Extended or Crew Cab style. Standard exterior features include a functional air dam, front brake ducting, a racing-style grille, and a center-sculptured hood. Four different power levels are offered. The EcoBoost engine choices are 2.7L and 3.5L, and the V8 engine is 5.0L. The V8 can be either a standard or supercharged engine, and the latter pumps out a total of 700 horsepower.

Other notable features of the Sportruck are a power hood, fender vents, Saleen badging on the front grille, six-spoke 22-inch wheels, embroidered headrests, two-tone leather upholstery, model-specific dash plates, and chevron stripes on the doors. Multiple chassis options are offered. Like the S302, the Sportruck is available in three versions, the White Label, Yellow Label, and Black Label.

The Saleen S302 and the Saleen Sportruck are high-performance, customizable variants of their originals, and they offer eye-popping horsepower and race-quality handling. Learn more by contacting Mall of Georgia Ford and requesting a full spec sheet.