MyFord Mobile App Now Compatible With Smartwatches

If your latest timepiece is an Apple Watch or if your taste leans toward the Android Wear line of smartwatches, you can now access the MyFord Mobile app right from your wrist. Thanks to a new update, the app gives smartwatch users the ability to check in on their hybrids and EVs - particularly the Ford Fusion Energi, Focus Electric and C-MAX Energi. Via the app users can perform a wide range of remote functions from their wristwatches, rather than having to take out a smartphone all the time.

The latest edition of the MyFord Mobile App is available for download right this very minute on Google Play and the App Store, and it’s designed to appear perfectly on all watch faces, whether square or round. So what smartwatch features does the new application update offer? Check it out:

  • Summaries of your last trips, with details including trip mileage, mpg/mpg-e used and more
  • Map directions back to your parked car, so if you forget where it is you’ll never spend hours looking around again (gives both driving and walking directions)
  • Charging station locator
  • Remote temperature control to cool off or warm up the car before you enter
  • Notifications when charging is complete - also lets you view current charge status
  • Estimated range left (nice to check before hitting the road on long trips)
  • Current mileage information
  • Remote door lock and unlock
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