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2020 Ford F-150
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2020 Ford F-150 Truck

0.0% APR for 36 mos on select Ford models Offer Details

Applies to select new 2020 Ford F-150. Offer only valid 9/9/2020 through 9/30/2020

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Used Cars for Sale in Buford, GA

Welcome to the Mall of Georgia Ford, your authorized Ford dealership serving the Buford and Cumming, Georgia, region. We are making deals left and right to ensure that our lots are always filled with a large selection of high-quality used car models. This ensures that you will have an opportunity to find the model that fits your ideal lifestyle rather than settling for whatever is available at the time.

We do not believe that there is any better way to simultaneously save money and find a high-quality car. When you shop online or sift through the classified ads, you take a lot of big risks. Our focus on lifelong customer retention and supreme satisfaction are what set us apart from our competitors. We would rather build the value of our name as the virtual warranty backing all our cars and services rather than making a quick buck on a shifty deal like many private sellers out there on the internet.

Benefits of Buying Used Cars

A used vehicle is one of those overlooked bargains that leaves drivers scratching their heads and wondering what the catch is. How can the cars be discounted so steeply and still be next to new? While it may be obvious that major repairs are required in a used car a few years sooner, is age the strongest factor? In fact, age, mileage, and other factors are insignificant. The most important element of the equation is the quality of maintenance and the talent of the local Ford technicians.

When you consider that a brand-new vehicle can depreciate by as much as 20 percent in the first year, it is hard to pass up buying something a little older to dodge that depreciation bullet. Yet, there are millions of drivers on the roads who don't realize what a great value that our used vehicles truly are in every manner. You can save up to 50 percent off a model 3-years older. The Kelley Blue Book devaluations on the market are totally irrational and are based solely upon the fears of consumers who know almost nothing about appraising the value of a used vehicle.

Yes, used vehicles can tie up a lot of money and turn into a big risk if they have hidden problems. This is why our dealership focuses chiefly on eliminating the risks. In fact, we strive to ensure that every vehicle will hold up as well as a brand-new car if you continue to take care of it with common sense and basic maintenance.

We do this systematically by using logical equations. In the first instance, we ask ourselves what the odds are that this vehicle will suffer from mechanical problems in the future based on its historical records. If the maintenance records demonstrate nothing remarkable and that every service was completed on time, then there is very little reason to speculate that it will fail prematurely.

Quality Used Cars for Sale

Negotiating a Business Deal

Aside from starting off with an excellent pool of high-quality vehicles, we also have the right to boast of a premium selection because our factory-trained automotive service technicians inspect and recondition the used vehicles before we put them up for sale. This ensures that they are safe and eliminates your worries over hidden problems that crop up after the sale is completed.

Because we have such a large premium selection of used vehicles, we feel that everyone should shop at Mall of Georgia Ford. Please stop by for a test-drive and you just might fall in love with a hot model that loves you back.