This is Why it's so Dangerous to Leave Your Dog in a Parked Car

Have you ever wondered what a dog experiences when left inside of a parked car on a hot day? One veterinarian in North Carolina did, so he conducted an experiment to measure how quickly temperatures rise inside of a vehicle's cabin over a period of 30 minutes. No pets were used in the experiment; rather Dr. Ernie Ward sat in the car himself and after the half hour passed he was soaking in sweat. Watch the video now.

When the test was conducted, it was an average summer day in NC with temperatures around 94 degrees. Ward rolled all the car windows down about one to two inches and then started the clock. Here's how the temperatures increased:

After 5 minutes
Six degree increase to 100 degrees

After 10 minutes
Another six degree increase to 106 degrees

After 20 minutes
A rise to approximately 112 degrees

After 30 minutes
A further increase to approximately 117 degrees

It didn't take long before Ward desperately wanted to get out of the car, but he continued on to emphasize how awful, helpless and drained dogs would feel in this situation. And the unfortunate fact is that pets fare worse in these conditions than humans. Already this year, there have been many stories about dogs who died after being left in hot cars for long periods of time, so we want to remind everyone to never leave pets in the car unattended, even if you think you'll only be away for a few minutes.

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