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Everyone needs a helping hand sometimes. Ser Familia is an organization devoted to Latino families who want to make the most of family life. Every family has a variety of life issues they must balance while working or taking care of a household. Ser Familia helps empower families to reach and enjoy a healthy family environment.

Mission of Ser Familia, Inc.

It all began in 2001 when Ser Familia was founded as a program for couples. The mission back then was to "support couples dealing with difficult situations." We all know about life's curveballs and how many difficult situations arise during the course of family life, so Ser Familia was ready to help on all fronts. The mission was born from the minds of Belisa and Miguel Urbina, a couple themselves who had to adapt to life in the United States while still trying to hold onto their traditional Puerto Rican values.

Family Heart  

To help other couples make the transition more easily, they began Ser Familia. What they do today is a reflection of that early work. Today, you'll find Ser Familia hosting workshops for both parents and their children. Parenting programs, couple's workshops and retreats, and family counseling and therapy all help families understand their own lives more in the family context. For those struggling with a new culture, there's cultural and linguistic proficiency consulting to help people work their way through a new language and a new place and time.

Over the years, Ser Familia has helped thousands of families. Now on the eve of its 20th year of work, it's a great time to reflect on the accomplishments of the organization and the people they've helped along the way. Many people who go through this program go on to be leaders in their own communities and share the knowledge they received so freely a long time ago. You might consider Ser Familia a family to add to your other family. Their workers are dedicated to their core and helpful all the way. Annual events allow all families to spend time together and share secrets for happy family life. It's always uplifting.

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