Ford Marverick  

Ford's New Pickup Truck

Ford's genius for building great pickup trucks is known industry-wide. People know that a Ford truck means trendsetting style, capability, and durability. These trucks remain reliable for decades. When people started hearing about a small pickup truck called the Maverick, there was widespread applause from truck lovers. They know Ford would make a truck to remember.

What's in the Maverick?

Questions about the Maverick are common around our dealership. Our sales team gathers data about the new truck every week to compile what we know for our loyal customers (and curious callers). Here's everything we know about the truck for now.

  1. The Maverick is a compact pickup truck. Ford's mid-size Ranger and full-size F-series is already legendary, so seeing what Ford can do with Maverick is exciting.
  2. The truck is expected to be built in the Hermosillo plant (a Ford plant in Mexico). Prototypes have already rolled off the line. To date, only 21 Maverick models exist in varying states of evolution.
  3. The powertrain is supposed to be most similar to the Bronco Sport's layout, with a similar towing capacity and horsepower. The Maverick may differ a bit, and we'll update you when we know full powertrain specs.
  4. Expect Ford Co-Pilot360 to be a constant presence on every trick of Maverick.
  5. No electric Maverick has been announced, but Ford may take the model in this direction. An electric powertrain goes well with the lightweight body of a compact pickup truck.
Ford Maverick Front View

Sightings of the Maverick have been uncommon, but the most recent one was a "camouflaged" truck in the middle of a workout with a Ford Ranger (a mid-size model). The folks who witnessed that workout noticed that both trucks had similarly sized truck beds and seemed to communicate "full-size" room for your things. A crew cab was observed as well, so we know the Maverick interior promises to be something that has more significant space than most in its class.

The technology specs of the truck are still under wraps, and we know little of its interior fabric. We expect to see at least one trim with leather options and perhaps packages that give you a leather interior.

More Information

You can call us or write to us for regular updates about the truck's known specs and latest news.