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What Is the Ford Edge Maintenance Schedule?

Your Ford Edge requires consistent and routine maintenance to continue having optimal performance. In addition, the vehicle requires specific tasks to be performed to ensure it operates well. The included maintenance intervals are crucial for maintaining the car and allowing it to drive better over time. The owner's manual in the glove compartment will also offer a detailed guide to maintaining and servicing your Ford Edge based on the automaker's recommendations. This will allow your car to retain its value and can allow you to continue to have reliable transportation over time.

15,000-Mile Service

After you drive your car 15,000 miles, you'll need to schedule an oil change. This will keep the engine parts lubricated and will reduce the risk of significant issues under the hood. This is also the time to check out the wipers and headlights to determine if the car is safe to use in different types of conditions. A mechanic will also examine the brakes and tires to determine if they're worn down and need to be replaced.

30,000-Mile Service

Once your car has 30,000 miles, you can schedule to have the oil changed again. This is also when the tires and brakes may need to be replaced, depending on your driving habits. The fuel filter and air filter may also become clogged at this point, especially if you tend to park in dusty locations or drive a lot.

60,000-Mile Service

After your Edge is driven 60,000 miles, you'll need to schedule to have the brakes inspected to determine if the pads are worn down. The brake fluid also needs to be replaced at this point. Around 60,000 to 70,000 miles, you'll also want to change out the brake fluid. You can also hire a mechanic to test the battery and get an idea of what condition it's in to determine if it's time to replace it.

90,000-Mile Service

Around 90,000 miles, your Ford Edge will require a more comprehensive inspection with some of the same tasks that were performed around 60,000 miles. Different parts like the spark plugs, hoses, and timing belt may need to be replaced after they've been in use for several years.

When you follow the Ford Edge maintenance schedule, it's easier to have better performance and avoid potential issues that can develop. Our certified Ford technicians can keep you updated with the Ford Edge service intervals. If you have any questions regarding the maintenance, contact us today to talk to our friendly sales team.


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