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How Often Should I Service My Ford Explorer?

Your Ford Explorer's service schedule is located in the owner's manual that comes with the car. Ford Explorer service intervals and recommended services vary by trim level and model year of the Explorer that you drive. Therefore, it's essential to ensure that you're following the service schedule precisely for your car when determining when it needs to go in for a check-up. In most cases, the Ford Explorer maintenance schedule begins at 15,000 miles. The vehicle will be due for service in stages through 90,000 miles. Keeping up with regular car maintenance is essential for preventing damage to the car's parts that may develop if the parts wear out or break. Maintaining your vehicle also makes it safer to drive, and it can make the car last longer.

15,000-Mile Service

Your Ford Explorer will need to be serviced at 15,000 miles to start with. The initial service includes an oil change and possibly a replacement of the engine filter to ensure the engine is supplied with clean air. The tires will be due for a rotation as well. A mechanic will also make sure the tires have sufficient pressure and tread depth. An alignment is performed as needed. The exhaust system and cooling system also get checked.

30,000-Mile Service

Another round of service for your Explorer comes at 30,000 miles. The engine oil gets changed at 30,000 miles, and the oil filter will be replaced if needed. The cabin air filter also gets replaced at 30,000 miles. The brake pads will be inspected, with the brake, brake rotors, and hoses in the braking system. The exhaust system is inspected, which includes the catalytic converter and the heat shields. The car's front axle is checked as well, and the coolant fluid levels are inspected. The rear axle gets inspected at 30,000 miles, and the U-joints are checked and possibly lubricated.

60,000-Mile Service

At 60,000 miles, your Ford Explorer has the engine oil changed again, and it will get the engine filter replaced. The battery is inspected to check for leaks and signs of damage. The battery will be replaced if it is nearing the end of its lifespan. Your vehicle's spark plugs are checked at 60,000 miles and may be changed. The spark plug wiring will be inspected as well.

90,000-Mile Service

When your Ford hits 90,000 miles, it will have the suspension system checked and the tie-rods replaced. A complete engine oil change takes place at this point, and the cabin air filter is changed. The transmission is checked, and the transmission fluid is likely flushed.

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