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How Often Should I Service My Ford F-150?

Curious about the best way to take care of your Ford F-150 and its maintenance needs? The best thing you can do is consult and follow your owner's manual recommendations regarding the Ford F-150 maintenance schedule. This will give you the most accurate information for your year and trim. In a hurry? Here is a quick glance at the standard Ford F-150 service intervals.

20,000-Mile Service

The oil will be changed, and the oil filter will be replaced. If your Ford F-150 has a cabin air filter, it will be checked and replaced if needed. Otherwise, this initial service appointment is more about inspecting than replacing.

Wheels and tires are looked at, and a tire rotation will be done. The following components are also examined:

  • Exhaust system
  • Steering linkage
  • U-joints
  • Heat shields
  • Half-shaft boots
  • Brakes (pads, drums, linings, etc.)
  • Suspension
  • Driveshaft

30,000-Mile Service

Again, major systems and components will be inspected. This is another opportunity for you to get your tires rotated and oil changed as well. The primary service performed here is replacing the engine air filter or filters.

60,000-Mile Service

F-150 models equipped with a pickup bed power outlet will need their accessory belts inspected once they hit 60,000 miles. The cabin air filter will be looked at again and replaced if deemed necessary. If your F-150 is due, an oil change and tire rotation will be done to ensure the truck keeps performing at its best.

100,000-Mile Service

If your spark plugs are still original, this is the service appointment where you will want to replace them. A complete inspection of all major systems is done so that any issues can be fixed. And, of course, you can get your tires rotated, and your oil changed.

Schedule an appointment with our service team today to get your F-150 the maintenance it needs to continue to perform at its best.


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