Ford Transmission Repair

Taking proper care of your transmission is one of the best ways to ensure that your vehicle will have a long and productive life. The good news is that transmission maintenance is usually only required infrequently. Unlike oil, which operates in an open system, transmission fluid is contained within a pressurized and closed system, making it far more durable and less prone to contamination.

Is There A Maintenance Schedule?

However, it is still necessary to understand the service schedule for your Ford transmission that has been established by the manufacturer. While many vehicles may be able to easily go 100,000 miles without having their transmission serviced, some Ford vehicles may need to have their transmission serviced far more frequently. If you are unsure of how often you should have your transmission serviced, our dealership’s expert techs can help you to make that determination based on scientifically derived formulae, ensuring that your Ford vehicle will remain on the road for as long as possible.

When Should I Have My Transmission Fluid Changed?

The precise number of miles that any given Ford vehicle can go between transmission fluid changes can vary widely. There are a number of factors that can weigh heavily on the proper frequency of transmission fluid changes. As a general rule, vehicles that are driven in hotter climates, on average, need to have their transmission fluid changed more frequently. This is because additional ambient heat puts stress on the transmission that would not otherwise occur in colder climates.

6 Speed Automatic OverdriveAnother factor is the type of driving that is being done. A fleet pickup truck that frequently tows heavy loads should, as a rule, have its transmission fluid changed far more frequently than a compact car that is typically only carrying a single person. Likewise, vehicles frequently driving in urban stop-and-go environments should be serviced more frequently.

Finally, the single most important factor in how often your transmission fluid should be changed is the type of transmission that is in your vehicle. Generally speaking, manual transmissions can go far longer in between being serviced than can automatics. More sophisticated, modern transmissions, such as CVT units, often require servicing with much greater frequency due to the highly complex nature and many moving parts of those transmissions.

If you are not certain of the optimal maintenance schedule for your vehicle’s transmission, please contact our dealership and one of our experienced and professional agents will be glad to help you determine the best maintenance schedule.

Can I Change My Car’s Transmission Fluid Myself?

While there are a few non-professional or semi-professional mechanics out there with the tools, knowledge and skills to safely change their own transmission fluid, attempting to do so is something that our dealerships strongly recommends against. Schedule a visit to our service center and rest easily knowing that you will be taken care of.


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