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When you press down on your accelerator pedal, your vehicle should react promptly. This is necessary for you to safely merge into traffic that's going faster than you are, and you may need to accelerate to get out of another vehicle's way. You can find yourself in a dangerous situation if your acceleration level isn't where it should be. There are four common reasons why your car isn't accelerating properly.

Your Mass Air Flow Sensor or Oxygen Sensor Are Dirty

A mass airflow sensor and an oxygen sensor are utilized in the construction of your vehicle to control the amount of air that makes its way into your engine. If the air and fuel mixture don't work out quite right, you may notice a change in your acceleration. Some vehicle owners also notice a decrease in their typical fuel efficiency numbers when there's a problem with these sensors. Our technicians will check to see if your sensors are dirty, and we can clean or replace them as needed.

You Have a Malfunctioning Throttle Position Sensor

Your engine's computer works with your throttle position sensor to control the throttle valve opening when your engine is running. If this sensor has a problem, your throttle may not be open at the right angle. Vehicle performance (including acceleration) can be negatively affected.

A New Fuel Filter is Needed

The purpose of your fuel filter is to reduce the number of particulates that accumulate inside your engine and other areas of your vehicle. When these particulates make their way into your fuel tank, your car might feel a little less peppy than usual. We'll check your fuel filter to see if it needs to be replaced.

Replacing Dirty Air Filters

The manufacturer of your automobile has a set of service intervals that you should follow to keep your vehicle in good shape. Changing out dirty air filters will help protect your engine, but this will also help boost your vehicle's ability to accelerate properly.

You can have an acceleration problem diagnosed by the technicians at Mall of Georgia Ford by contacting us during business hours to set up an appointment at our service department. Let us know if there is anything that you've been noticing about your acceleration issues that may help us identify what's going on (intermittent issues, etc.).


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