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When your engine puts out heat as you're driving for long distances, your vehicle needs a way to reduce this heat. Otherwise, you're going to end up burning up your entire engine system. We want to ensure that you prevent this kind of damage at all costs, so make sure that you keep up with routine service for your vehicle at Mall of Georgia Ford. If you notice that your thermostat gauge indicates a problem with your car, schedule an appointment with our service department to check the following potential issues.

A Cooling System Gone Wrong

A properly functioning cooling system is essential if you want your engine to maintain a safe temperature at all times when running. As your cooling system absorbs the heat, the coolant will do its job to release that heat safely. We see many vehicles that have a leak in their cooling system, or coolant levels can be low after many years of accumulating mileage.

Water Pump Internal Problems

There is a fan belt that controls your water pump. This belt can malfunction or break. As heat is produced during run time, temperatures must be kept maintained. We not only check the fan belt but the fans themselves, connections, and other internal parts.

The Function of Your Radiator

Coolant is designed to absorb the heat of your engine as it is running. Your radiator system will allow built-up pressure to be released through a hose in the system. This is another situation where damage may be present to the hose or the connections. We also want to look at your coolant, the fans in your radiator, etc.

Thermostat Concerns in Your Engine

Your cooling system needs to be able to properly throttle the amount of coolant that passes through your engine as a way to maintain a set temperature. We've seen damage to this thermostat setup that results in the valve inside not opening or closing properly. Heat can build up too much, or too much heat will be released all at once.

Hoses and Belts Inside Your Engine Compartment

The fit of all your hoses and belts must be precise to prevent overheating. This is when OEM parts make a big difference. We look for any damage that we can find in your hoses and belts.

Contact Mall of Georgia Ford through our website or call us during our normal business hours if you would like to schedule an appointment for your vehicle. We have the knowledge and expertise to diagnose what is causing your engine overheating troubles.


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